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Why Is My Computer So Slow?

Why Is My Computer So Slow? If you asked this question it’s high time that you took good care of your computer if you don’t want to face problems much more serious than slow computer performance, like data damage or the loss or personal data. In the overwhelming majority of cases slow computer speed is the result of poor computer performance.

Below we review a few causes of slow computer performance and ways to repair them.

Registry Corruption

Registry corruption is known as #1 cause of slow computer performance and Windows error messages like STOP 0x0000000A and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL The registry becomes corrupted in the course of daily use of your computer.

Corrupt registry entries that accumulate when you install, update or remove software, open and close some applications, power off your computer during shutdown, etc. Windows registry if often called a single point of failure by experts. This means that everything in your computer is bound to the registry and if the registry fails, the whole system will be disabled.

Repairing the registry manually can be recommended only to computer experts. The procedure is long and complicated, and the risk to damage or misconfigure important entries and disable your system is very high.

We recommend to use RegCure, a multi-award winning program created by PC Tools specifically to fix Windows errors and slow computer performance.

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Malware Activity

In addition to damaging the files on your computer and stealing your personal data malware applications make your computer slow because they also steal your computer resources. Malware applications run invisibly and as a result your computer suddenly becomes slow without an apparent reason. If that’s the case, scan your computer for malware immediately!

However, most antimalware scanners slow down computers more than anything. Using such a scanner makes no sense as a speed up solution. What you need is an anti-malware solution that work safely in the background without affecting your computer’s speed.

Hard Disk Fragmentation

Hard disk fragmentation is another frequent cause of computer slowdowns. The files on a fragmented hard disk are written not sequentially (a they should be) but in gaps between larger files. This means that pieces of files are dispersed all over the disk and it takes time for the read-write head of the hard disk to access them all, one by one, in order to read the full file. That is why processing files on a computer with fragmented hard disk is so slow. Defragmenting the disk will speed up your computer. However, you need at least 15% of your disk space to be free for that. That brings us to the 4th major cause of computer slowdown.

Slow Computer Fix 3: Defragment Your Hard Disk

Insufficient Disk Space

Insufficient disk space not just slows down your computer but also makes defragmentation impossible and increases the chance of data loss in case of accidental deletion. Free some disk space by removing old, unnecessary or temporary files. You should aim at always having at least 15% of you disk capacity free.

If you follow the 4 above tips you won’t have to ask Why Is My Computer So Slow? again.