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0x0000008e in watchdog.sys

STOP 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys frequently occurs when you watch flash videos (Youtube, for instance) with the help of MediaClassic player or Cyberlink’s PowerDVD. Watchdog.sys is system file that, however, works as a shared library of functions and serves other applications, cooperating with antivirus, video drivers and other software. Unfortunately, a virus or a trojan may be disguised in your system as Watchdog.sys system file. For this reason, it is often recommended to reinstall the system if you come upon STOP 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys. However, today are ways around if you don’t want to reinstall and adjust all your programs and do a lot of routine work once again.

Watchdog.sys should be in the system directory: C:\windows\system32. If you find this process executed from any other place your system is most likely infected with malware.

A typical “0x0000008e watchdog.sys” error message is like this:

STOP code 0x0000008E (0xE0000001,0xBA6A9925,0x8A0D7820,0x00000000) watchdog.sys address BA4C8525base at BA4A9010 datestape 481354ab

A concomitant error message may be the following:


Somwtimes STOP 0x0000008E” in watchdog.sys however indicates issues with a videocard driver, expecially after Adobe Flash Player update which results in a conflict your present video driver. What to to (stop when the problems disappears):

  • Update your ideo driver
  • Install Windows updates
  • Reinstall display drives
  • Update you disable you antivirus program (disabling is not recommended, for the understandable reason)
  • If STOP 0x0000008e in watchdog.sys occurs when you watch Youtube videos, try disable acceleration, although it’s rather

a temporary by-path than a permanent fix (Right-click on Flash Banner (under Adobe Flash Player) and Under Settings, Uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration from the Settings panel). * Use a different browser for Youtube ( Chrome and Firefox are reported to be the most problematic). * Downgrade Adobe Flash Player update to the previous version.

Multiple hotfixes for Watchdog.sys are also available at Microsoft website, try those suggested for your system vesrion.