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Startup Errors

Startup errors are known to be the most difficult to troubleshoot ahd repair. They leave you no chance to install and run utilities that detect and remove Windows errors, resolve driver troubles or perform malware scan. However, reinstalling Windows should always be the very last resort because the whole mess bay be caused by a sigle file that wants to be repaired or replaced, a setting, a single registry value that needs to be changed to disable some services or drivers at startup.

This solution is recommended if you cannot enter Windows because of 0x0000000A at startup or logon:

  • Use this 0x0000000a Repair Tool.0x0000000a solution
    Spotmau BootSuite 2012 is designed specifically to boot unbootable computers and recover Windows, fix blue screen errors, corrupt registry, partition table, damaged system files and other Windows problems, including security issues.
  • Follow the simple instruction and enter your crashed system.
  • Let the utility recover Windows and fix the errors to prevent problems in future.
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Startup Repair Tool

If you faced startup problems and you use Windows Vista then you have Startup Repair Option at your disposal. Startup Repair Option won’t fix hardware issues or detect and remove malware. However, it is certainly worth a try if 0x0000000a error occurs at startup even in Safe Mode. Specifically, Startup Repair repairs the following troubles:

  • Problem update installation
  • Damaged or missing system files
  • Damaged disk metadata (boot sector, partition table, master boot record)
  • Damaged, missing or incompatible drivers
  • Damaged or missing boot settings
  • Wrong registry settings

How to Use Startup Repair Tool

The guide is easy.

  • Disconnect all external hard drives, printers, USB flash drives and card readers
  • Insert your Windows Vista installation DVD
  • Restart the computer. If it attempts to boot Windows from the hard drive instead of Windows Vista installation DVD, restart again and start tapping F8 until you see Boot Device Selection Menu.

Use arrow key to choose the drive with the DVD in it and press Enter. If you see a message like “Press any key to boot from CD” - well, press any key immediately.

  • Boot into Vista installation DVD
  • Soon after you will see Windows Install screen. Select your language and click Next
  • Click Repair your computer on the next sreen. Important! don’t click Install Now. If you do so a new Windows installation will begin and all your data will be erased from the disk!
  • Select your operating system and from the list of detected Windows installation and click Next. After that you will see System Recovery Options screen.
  • On the System Recovery Options screen click Startup Repair

Startup Repair Tools will take the rest take upon oneself. After a a series of diagnostic tests Startup Repair will attempt to fix any failures it detects. When fixing is done click Finish to restart your computer.